IMG_0442The Job Forum aims to help individuals help themselves in their job search. Our approach provides job seekers with the tools and information they need to articulate their career goals and execute a focused, targeted and strategic job search and maximize opportunities to find the “right job” for them.

We provide information and individualized coaching within the context of weekly group Job Forum meetings. During each session, all attendees are invited to discuss their own situations, just listen in order to learn or hear ideas discussed, or participate more fully by offering helpful suggestions to others participating in the forum.

Our expert panel of volunteers brainstorms on behalf of each individual job seeker and coaches each person on his or her own job search so that each can be more successful. Our panelists are both experts in their fields and skilled at coaching others. We coach job seekers with our hearts as well as with our knowledge, experience, connections and expertise.

The Job Forum is neither a placement service nor an employment agency. While we do pass on relevant job openings to participants when they are received, we do not offer jobs or job placement services.

What is the Job Forum and what problems does it solve?

The Job Forum is a Wednesday evening weekly meeting where professionals get advice they use for a more effective job search.

Looking for a job is tough and can be harder now than ever. If you are a professional in the San Francisco Bay Area who has been sending out resumes to online job openings and not getting much back in the way of interviews or offers, it’s time to rethink your approach.

If you haven’t done a job search before or it has been a couple of years, it is important to be aware of how things work now.

Sending resumes to companies and never hearing back is personally shocking and discouraging, especially for impressive professionals with terrific job experience, advanced education, and valuable skills to contribute.

When you are looking for your next job, the sheer amount of information about what to do and what not to do, can get overwhelming and make you uncertain about which advice you ought to follow.

It is exhausting to scan through all the information on how to run your job search with nobody to talk to in order to get a “reality check” on what will work best for you.

You can waste hours or days“ looking around” the internet. Meanwhile you have not met anyone. And you have not advanced your job search even one tiny bit.

The Job Forum Wed meeting is free and can help you to dramatically cut down the amount of wasted time you spend on your job search.

What happens at the The Job Forum 

At the Job Forum, we help jobseekers create a job search strategy that will be effective and drive results.

We help people zero in on the right job title and position to target and identify top prospect companies or organizations on which to focus.

We will help people identify what additional companies or organizations to include on a target list- often we can suggest companies they had not thought of that they ought to consider and look into.

There are lots of resources and organizations for networking or job information in the SF Bay Area that can be useful to a job seeker. We give people suggestions for ones will be a particularly good fit for them.

We provide clear information for exactly how to network or how to update a LinkedIn profile and resume.

We are very practical and focused on each job seekers situation- We help people establish priorities for their job search efforts – how to get ready, where to look, in what order to do what, what not to waste any time doing and so forth.

Who is giving the advice?

The Job Forum is a free service delivered by volunteers.

These are people like you or me who work in business and non- profit organizations and are willing to help others with their job search. So it is professional to professional, peer to peer, advice giving service.

Everybody who volunteers to be a Job Forum panelist is either in a function like HR or marketing or engineering or operations or finance in a SDF Bay Area company or they are in a job involved with career coaching.

There are more than 40 Job Forum volunteers. Many large and small companies are represented by individuals who want to help those looking for work…examples are UCSF, Visa, Salesforce, Linkedin, facebook, BART, to name a few large ones and there volunteers from smaller firms and non profits as well.



What is the typical Wed evening meeting like?

The Job Forum meets from 6:30 to 8:30 every Wed evening, except for the Weds adjacent to or on holidays.

The meeting is in the Mezzanine Conference room adjacent to the first floor security guards and we meet there around a conference table. Those looking for a job or wanting to change careers have chance to describe their individual background and situation. The volunteers of the Job Forum brainstorm good ideas and give advice to those looking for a new job, and answer job seeker questions, one by one, in the group setting.

So this means a full range of job search strategies and tactics gets covered at each meeting, and individual questions get answered. Each person is able to express what is the primary “road block” they feel they are facing and they will get honest feedback on what to do about it.

Who sponsors this and what is the history ?

The Job Forum is run entirely by the volunteers and sponsored by the SF Chamber of Commerce.

The service has been available here in SF and run by volunteers for more than 60 years.

In that time, thousands upon thousands of well-educated talented people have come to Job Forum Wed evening meetings and have gotten helpful advice from the Job Forum panelist volunteers. That advice has translated into more clarity about what each person is looking for in their next job ought to do in order to be more effective and successful. Each has received coaching about

effective job search strategies to use to achieve their goals.

Who is the Job Forum for?

If you are newly graduated from college or grad school or, on the other hand, if you are a seasoned professional with years of experience the Job Forum is a community service for you. If you are new to the SF Bay Area or new to the country ( with working papers) or if you have worked and even grew up here, the Job Forum welcomes you.

Job search has changed dramatically and you need to use the most up to date methods. You can come and you will get advice, you can get you resume or LinkedIn profile reviewed. You can ask for and will get new ideas or make networking contacts or simply check in that what you are doing makes sense and will likely be productive for reaching your goal.

Join us

Join us Wed at 6:30- 8:30, 235 Montgomery St, that’s the Russ Building, and we meet in the Mezzanine Conference room. We look forward to seeing you.