Job Search Tips for the Internet

We stress the importance of research and planning in the job search process — and this is something that is done while using the Internet. Even specific job search web sites prove useful for research as well as job listings and as resume databases.

What the Internet is good for

1. The Internet is a powerful tool to use in your overall job search. Here are five important truths about Internet job search:

2. The Internet is most helpful for studying job postings and learning the phraseology and key words used in the type of jobs for which you have an interest.

3. The Internet makes having a clear job objective even more necessary and important because technology helps hiring companies screen people using key words (job objective and skills).<

4. Looking at openings via the Internet is only one part of your actual overall search which must include “networking” with real people, researching the field / job you are interested in, and checking directly with a company to see if job openings they posted are still available.

5. Focusing your job search geographically can be done well using locally oriented Internet sites.

6. An electronic version of your Resume is different and important (see notes below on how to create one).

Job Search Web Sites

Here you will find some comprehensive job search web sites The Job Forum recommends that you consider and possibly include in your Internet job search research.