What People are Saying about The Job Forum 

“Helpful, useful, supportive, practical and effective! More useful than my university’s career services and they were fairly good too! ”

–       MBA Job Seeker


“It is very useful to hear ideas and tips for people at the Job Forum who come from all walks of life — newcomers from Europe; senior executives, recent college grads; career changers, part timers; everyone, including high tech people, get really useful information to help them get the job.”

–       VP High Technology


“My confidence has suffered with this lay-off but you offered inspiration and really good ideas. I can see how you have helped many others as well. Thanks so much for your time and excellent advice.”

–       Job seeker, Marketing Manager


“I think the Job Forum is providing more than out-placement counselors provide and doing it in a more practical, more actionable and kinder way”

–       Finance job seeker with “outplacement” service help


“There is an interesting and focused panel of business people who give you real world advice which gives you a better opportunity an enriched successful job hunting outcome.”

– Technology Business job seeker


“The Job Forum really is helpful and you get informative feedback and useful resources targeted to be practical for all at the Job Forum”

–       Job seeker, Graphic Design


“This was my first time – what a great resource! Panelists were knowledgeable, direct and very specific in their advice for each of us.”

–       Job seeker, Real Estate


“A good valuable resource, delivered by informed and caring people”

–       Job seeker, Engineering


“I am trying to build my network and make as many connections as possible. My final goal, of course, is to get a fulfilling and purposeful job, but it is also be nice to make new acquaintances in this wonderful city and the Job Forum helps do both”.

–       Job seeker, Marketing Communications


“It was great – got some really practical, nuts and bolts suggestions, to hone in on and be able go after what I want. I was pleasantly surprised at how practical and helpful The Job Forum really is!”

–       Job Seeker – Project Management


“I found the Job Forum quite informative and successful. The panelists did a wonderful job of taking information and building a web of suggestions for each job seeker. Advice was clear and candid. I definitely recommend this to others who need to focus on being more effective in their job search.”

–       Job seeker – Marketing



“I needed help figuring out how to network better in the Bay Area…the Job Forum helped with tons of relevant suggestions of organizations, associations, resources.”

– Job Seeker in education with less than one year in Bay Area


“I wanted suggestions about which companies would be right for the kind of work I want to do next. The people at the Job Forum told me about companies I hadn’t even yet heard about or uncovered so that was so helpful.”

–       Middle Manager in administration


“The Job Forum helps you target your search and focus on priorities for which job to go after.”

-Recent College Graduate


“I heard that the Job Forum is a great Chamber of Commerce resource! I went for local information because I just moved to the Bay Area. It was just what I needed and I heard from them about companies and groups I did not know about before”

– Bay Area Newcomer wanting to work in Biotech


“The Job Forum counsel was so tailored to my situation (Senior Executive) and respectful of my goals (General Management) that I felt the Job Forum helped my job search more than any other step I took.”

– Senior Executive in banking


“It has been so helpful to me to be able to fortify myself with the information you folks at the Job Forum provided… It was invaluable and allowed me to feel more self-reliant and more energized.”

– Non-Profit Job Seeker


” Thank you for the honest and sincere feedback at last week’s Job Forum. Armed with your useful suggestions, I have completely revised my resume.”

–       Recent Graduate seeking a job in advertising/ events marketing


“Very helpful and informative, great place for professionals”

-Job searcher in the field of social media


“Helpful and informative feedback and resources for all including VP level and college grads – Impressive!”

– VP Financial Services


“I feel energized and you have pointed me in a better direction for how to use my time for job search efforts and adjust to a layoff!”

– Job Seeker -Company acquired in software field


“I like the open forum design of the meeting and opportunity to hear other peoples’ job challenges and strategies because you can apply this to your own situation and you may not have known to ask the question, but you sure can use the advice.”

-Manager in the field of sales/business development


“Learned how and why to use LinkedIn for job search in a much more advanced manner…Thank you!”

-Manager in non profit field


“The panel of volunteer career coaches and experienced business people were very helpful; they helped me find a job title for the description I gave them of the role I want next and now I can focus my social media digital marketing job search”

– Investment manager who wants to change careers


“This Job Forum is wonderful! As an MBA student I find it difficult to carve out time in my schedule for myself. Boy, was this worth it! Every Wed at 6:30 what a resource for San Francisco!

– MBA job seeker


“I want to tell others to come to the Job Forum because it is amazingly helpful and the information is customized for each attendee.”

-Manager, IT support field


“Really appreciated an external point of view and learning about other people’s experiences. Useful to meet people at different stages of their careers all needing support! And all getting practical suggestions from the Job Forum”

Mid level manager –Financial Services


“Good suggestions for actions to take to find information, and for how to present my background differently and how to do effective networking. Very valuable!”

–       Attorney – switching careers away from practicing law


“The Job Forum insight, guidance and advice I gathered was very enriching and I am confident that it will open more doors for me in the near future – I can’t thank The Job Forum enough for these weekly sessions. I will be a regular!”

–International business school student


“I’d recommend this session to even those with jobs, just looking for networking advice. I’d come back! I will come back!”

– Events Manager


“Great event! Business panelist career consultants were really helpful in suggesting to us the right attitudes and strategies to deploy for different industries in the Bay Area! What an opportunity!”

– Graduate Student job seeker


“Excellent personalized feedback. It is so nice to have a small group opportunity for custom help for my job search. These are experienced panelists who know so much.”

– Senior Product Manager


“Very informative. Great insightful advice. Great listeners. Great opportunity to practice speaking about myself. Highly recommend for other job seekers.”

–  Marketing coordinator for digital marketing


“Great insight! Given the current climate of the economy and job market, my outlook can take a dive and take my confidence along with it. I got useful insight and help setting up priorities to follow! “

– Brand marketing job seeker


“I had a really great time! The job Forum Panelists are very helpful and feedback is all useful! Having feedback from different perspectives is helpful too. Very valuable!”

– MBA job seeker


“All of the information was very helpful. I have been trying to figure out job seeking by myself, but this Job Forum made it clear what I should do next. I have next steps! Thank you very much!”

– Recent college grad job seeker