by Ella Manashil

Let’s say you just got an interview for a job you’re interested in. Congrats! Although exciting, this process can easily feel daunting. The rise of virtual interviews with COVID-19 can make your next steps feel more unfamiliar and nerve-wracking, but The Job Forum has got you covered! Below are several quick tips for improving your virtual interview skills:

1. Do a mock interview with a friend. Practicing beforehand will make you feel much more prepared to answer questions confidently. You could even record the mock interview to review later and make adjustments to your responses.

2. Speak clearly and make sure your answers are to the point.

3. Prepare lots of questions in advance. An interview should never be one-way. This is also your chance to make sure the job is the right fit for you.

4. Utilize facial expressions to express your enthusiasm. Body language is a bit harder to read over a computer, so it’s important to remember that the face can be an amazing tool for expressing emotion and passion and interest in the job and the interviewer.

5. Be sure to check your audio and visuals beforehand to make sure everything runs smoothly during the interview.

6. Set up your personal environment prior to the interview to ensure you are fully able to focus on the task. For example, tidying your space, closing doors or windows, and turning off your phone.

7. Stick photographs of people on top of the computer to make it feel like you are talking to someone in person. This can also help if you aren’t sure where to look during the interview and feel uncomfortable staring at the camera lens.

8. Remember to put a positive spin on everything you can, even if the question targets something more negative. For example, questions about your weaknesses or prior disagreements at work should always end on a positive note.

If you’d like to learn more tips for your next virtual interview please consider attending our Job Forum workshops, “Gain Confidence for Today’s Job Interviews” workshop on Thursday, July 23 or our interview workshop “Tell me About Yourself” on Thursday, August 13.

Additionally, if you have more specific questions about your personal job search situation, think about coming to our next Job Forum Wednesday night panel where you can receive personalized advice about your job search.

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