by Mansi Gandhi

The thought of a job in healthcare or biotech may naturally make us think of health professionals, doctors, nurses, and other direct health care providers or make us think only of scientists in white lab coats! But, according to insiders who are managers working at  companies,  such as Genentech , Kaiser Permanente and UCSF as well as other mid size or smaller companies such as Nektar Therapeutics, you  might  be surprised to learn that a large portion of the healthcare and bio tech jobs available are considered “non-clinical.” We learned this encouraging information from a panel of experts at The Job Forum, a non profit that helps job hunters with direct advice from managers who work within these SF Bay Area companies.

Recently at a special event organized by The Job Forum, these experts provided job hunters some encouraging information:

– Our local Bay Area healthcare and Biotech and Life Sciences companies are hiring now.

– These companies are open to considering candidates without medical or scientific experience depending on the job role.

– Essentially, non-clinical roles are being filled, not only scientific or clinical ones.

– Non clinical and non scientific roles are the jobs held by individuals who are responsible for the behind-the-scenes work that is so important to ensuring the hospital, healthcare facility, and clinic or biotech or life sciences enterprise run smoothly.

For instance, these behind the scenes roles might be the Finance Advisors, Administrators, Human Resource Managers, Project Managers, Marketing and Sales, Training and Employee Development, Data Analysts, Legal Analysts, IT Managers  and computer programmers, etc. The key tasks of these professionals in the non-clinical or non-scientific careers are to develop strategies, direct, coordinate,  supervise or support other functions of the whole enterprise in order to enable the clinical or scientific work to move forward and run smoothly.

Ordinarily, a particular job position in Healthcare or Biotech industries demands certain qualifications and skills for the career, but one does not necessarily have to have a medical or scientific background for every role. Based on the level, field of education and experience an individual has who is applying for a career option in healthcare or biotech industry, one can uncover career alternatives in any of the  non clinical  functions.

The interest of every professional working in the healthcare and Biotech industries is to assure the company carries on its work uninterrupted, effortlessly and effectively. The experts said, “Industries in the Health care, Biotech and Life sciences have the opportunities for interesting work, career growth and continuous learning for job hunters”.

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