by Mansi Gandhi

Are you thinking about applying for your dream job?

Have you been wondering: how do I make that perfect resume that will make me stand out from the rest of the crowd?

Why not make a video resume!

Recently our Job Forum expert panelists (managers at Bay Area companies) hosted a Job Forum workshop designed to show how you can record yourself and present a unique video resume to employers and recruiters.

Making a video resume is an exciting way for others to connect with you and for you to have a more proactive job seeking experience.

Why should an employer’s or recruiter’s first impression of you be from a boring piece of paper?

Stand out.

Record yourself showing the same info you’d put on paper. (Education, Skills, Experience, etc.).

It’s fun, it’s unique, and it gives them a better impression of the real you.

A video resume should show off your indefinable qualities and make an impression. It should convey the strengths you can’t put on a resume, qualities such as warmth, clear communication, charisma and humor.

A video gives an employer an insight into you in ways a traditional resume simply cannot. You can demonstrate your personality, your communication skills, your trustworthiness, competence and general demeanor.

We all know these attributes are crucial to earning yourself a job.

Eventually, at some point, you will have to sit an interview and make your case.

Using a video as part of your profile allows you to make this impression earlier than those merely submitting a written resume.

It allows you to become a familiar face to the employer before the interview.

The benefits from this perspective are clear: a video offers an early chance to make a solid impression and exploit interpersonal skills.

Using a video, we have total control of the environment, the content of what we say and the timing — it is a blank canvass. If we’re not happy we can simply delete, re-record and try again.

Recruiters are tasked with sourcing the right candidate for their clients. This is the top priority of most recruiters. They have to review and scan thousands of resumes and make a judgment in 15 seconds or less prior to a candidate interview screen.

Video resumes are a potent tool if done well.

Companies want to use policies of merit-based employment, yet when the recruiting staff is faced with piles of resumes they often look for a stand out in the group, so who has the edge?

A short and impressive video link will probably secure you an interview ahead of other more experienced candidates who merely put forward a written resume.

Now, the question is: What to say in your 30-second Elevator Pitch?

It’s very simple, just answer the below three questions and there you are, ready with an impressive pitch.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do (or who do you help)?
  3. What do you want?

Quick Do’s and Don’ts of Video Resume:

  • Be interested in what you’re saying, be passionate, but not too loud or too passionate, be friendly, and warm.
  • Think about your words, practice those sentences, things that you know, you want to say and you stumble on, just keep practicing and practicing. But don’t overuse the same jargon.
  • People are busy. And now getting hold of somebody is even harder. So you need to really have a clear focus as to what you want and why.
  • Dress appropriately, look presentable and smile, make sure you know where your camera is, it helps to make the video more engaging.
  • Don’t be aggressive, scared, or sarcastic.
  • Don’t lie or exaggerate or make silly expressions.
  • While you are recording a video resume be sure to have the light source behind you, don’t have a distracting background and don’t record it in a public or noisy place.

A year ago we were petrified to use zoom and video chats. And now a year later we embrace video technology in all its forms. And so you know, a video resume is going to become a lot more mainstream.

Where should I upload a video resume?

  • Under your email signature
  • In your resume
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Sharing the URL in general
  • On your social media

Before creating your own video resume, it would help to gather some inspiration by looking at these awesome examples.

For more tips and tricks, one good resource you can go to for video introduction inspiration and more advice is Intro 30.

The most important thing, at the end of the day, is your creativity, intelligence, and personality. A video resume is just an amazing opportunity to say to a company why you think you would be an excellent addition to their team. A video profile could be the way forward for you, it offers a low risk — high reward strategy in a competitive environment. You have nothing to lose, but possibly a new job to gain!

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