Here is a wonderful job search success story from a job seeker who benefited by attending The Job Forum career event. It takes several steps but leads to success! 


Bing wanted to get a new position in a job arena with limited employment opportunities. He has a BA in English and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (MFA, Creative Writing). He spent quite a bit of time looking for a job on his own. Even after putting all his efforts in job search and not being able to find a right job,  he decided to attend The Job Forum career event.


Initially, Bing had thought he would find a job soon, but even after months of struggle, he was not successful in his job search. He reached out to his friends, family and other personal connections for getting some help and ideas for his job search but at the same time felt hesitant to participate in any kind of group, community or club and share about his situation. But as the time passed he was still not sure of how to proceed or what to do, so he decided to attend The Job Forum’s career event. 

Learning from The Job Forum event:

After attending the career event and other Job Forum sessions and listening to fellow job seekers and volunteer experts he realized that he is not alone in this situation. There are many other people  who are looking for jobs and need guidance, advice and input from others who are experienced . Bing stopped hesitating and he actively welcomed The Job Forum input.

Some of the best advice he received and “lessons learned” at The Job Forum that helped him in his job search are how exactly to :

  • Build relationships and connect with others. 
  • Tap into the hidden job market through networking.
  • Be open to connecting and helping others who can help you find the right job.
  • Stay focused and motivated during the  job search. 
  • He also understood how generous The Job Forum volunteer panelists are. They leverage their networks to help job seekers. He wants others to not wait and he urges other job hunters to seek out the help from The Job Forum, sooner not later.
  • Bing says he now knows you are not alone in job search. He says “ Don’t be shy to connect with people and ask for help or accept advice. It can really help you!”.
  • Bing also mentions that one of the best advice he came across during his job search process is that, taking up temporary jobs is a good idea in case you are not able to find a permanent position or are returning to the job market after a career gap.
  • According to Bing, most of the advice and job search strategies at The Job Forum are very straightforward and yet you need someone to point things out to you and guide you in how to take your next steps and that is exactly what The Job Forum helps you to do.

Read about Bing’s new career here:

Initially Bing had applied for a temporary position in the Department of Student’s Record Office at University of San Francisco, where he was not able to clear his final round of interview. However, the hiring team was of the opinion that Bing is a hard working, dedicated, and resilient person and so they offered him another chance. It was to interview for a different position – Program Assistant for School of Nursing, Bing interviewed for the position and he is the one who got hired. Because that job was a temporary position, Bing was then able to position himself to look for a permanent position within the University of San Francisco. 


Bing’s next goal was to have a permanent position before the year 2021 ends and he was successful. Bing got himself hired as a permanent, full-time Graduate Admissions Assistant at University of San Francisco. 

Bing says: 

“The Job Forum is very supportive, practical and effective. The volunteers at The Job Forum are very helpful. Feedback and active support from The Job Forum volunteers is all extremely useful! Having feedback from different perspectives is very important and valuable. The Job Forum  helped me stay focused and motivated in my job search process. I would definitely recommend that all job seekers take advantage of this amazing SF Bay Area service offered by The Job Forum! ”