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We Help Job Hunters in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Conduct a more effective job search
  • Get advice tailored for YOUR job search
  • Ask questions and discuss your challenges
  • Get answers about job search tactics and focus
  • Network with others
  • Clarify priorities for your job search

Who Are The Job Hunters Who Come To The Job Forum?

Job seekers are from the San Francisco Bay Area, and include recent newcomers to SF Bay Area from other US states, and from 30 countries around the world. They all have in common that they do not have the right professional network for the job they are trying to find now.

The job hunters at The Job Forum meetings are all ages and at all stages of their careers. We see recent grads as well as those who have years of impressive career experience and everything in between. The job hunters are typically well-educated with college or graduate school degrees. Some are entrepreneurial and prefer to work for start-ups, others want jobs in midsize or large companies.

In spite of their education or training, many are quite desperate to find their next job here and many do not know how to conduct a modern job search. They are discouraged and yet trying hard to land a job. The need accurate realistic advice and some introductions to help them to succeed.

We see a mix of talented people including those who are looking for jobs focused on business jobs, or non-profit careers, or government or university employment.

Who are the Job Forum panel?

Those looking for jobs come to our Zoom meetings and meet with Job Forum volunteers and guest speakers and experts from industry. At Job Forum events the job hunters get advice on their individual job search challenges, and can ask questions of local managers at companies like Facebook, UCSF, Visa, Salesforce, Levis, Autodesk, Indeed, LinkedIn, Vir, Splunk, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Tik Tok, Kaiser ABC 7 Walt Disney Television, The Packard Foundation, Volta, Northwestern Mutual, Doordash, and a host of other companies and non-profits big and small.

Since referrals into companies, and knowledge of local companies and informational interviews are vital in today’s job search, The Job Forum volunteers are very important to the success of the job seekers we see. Our Job Forum volunteers are managers at Bay Area companies and can refer and guide the job hunters in practical and actionable ways.

The Job Forum is sponsored by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

The Job Forum is a volunteer-run, free, community service where local managers and career experts have helped thousands of job seekers become more confident and successful in their hunt for their next great job in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sponsored by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

Job hunters come to the Job Forum to benefit from group discussion as well as the individual coaching ideas they get from local business managers.

The Job Forum is an effective sounding board for help in addressing the challenging aspects of your individual job search.