Why the Job Forum

Job search advice you can really use

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some help that will lead you to success in a job search? And get your most pressing questions answered about what are the best next steps to follow to get the job?

Wouldn’t it be helpful for you to talk directly with hiring managers from local businesses in the SF Bay Area? And what if these managers are experienced as job search volunteer coaches and you can get some practical, relevant advice, directly from them?

Wouldn’t it be very useful to exchange tips, and practice “networking” with other job searchers, who are going through what you are?

Wouldn’t it be motivating and helpful for your specific job search, if you could get some ideas, brainstormed and customized for you?

And what if you could obtain input, adapted for the career challenges you feel you are experiencing that may be a factor in holding you back?

And what if you could meet supportive, kind people here in the SF Bay Area with lots of information, contacts and industry knowledge?