Why the Job Forum

Challenges of job search addressed

When you are looking for a job, information about how to do an effective job search can be over-whelming, even depressing, and often, wrong. You can waste time and not make much progress.

Sending resumes to companies or applying for “openings”, and never even hearing back from the companies, is quite shocking and discouraging. You have slaved over your resume and fine-tuned your LinkedIn profile, and now you have doubts:

“Is anyone is actually reading it?”

“Did I highlight the right skills that are wanted today?”

“Am I using the keywords correctly to best convey a picture of my skills for each job?”

“Is it me? Am I too young or too old or missing something?”

It is easy to get exhausted just scanning the blogs about job search methods. You waste hours “looking around on the Internet” or fine-tuning your LinkedIn profile and meanwhile you never meet anyone.  You have got to wonder if, after all this effort, you have advanced your job search even one little bit. You begin to wonder, “What am I doing wrong?”

The Job Forum is here to help!  Meeting every Wed evening in San Francisco, the Job Forum provides valuable input for professionals in a job search, giving advice and counsel to help address these challenges.

The Job Forum in San Francisco on Wed evenings at 6-8pm, is where, in a professional, results-oriented, job search meeting, you can ask your individual job search questions or request clarification about the best tactics you can use. The Job Forum helps you save time, be more effective, and conduct a modern job search.

On most Thursday evenings you can join in Job Forum workshops with Q& A sessions designed to give you new skills and insights to use in your job search.

“Helpful, useful, supportive, practical and effective! More useful than my university’s career services and they were fairly good too!”
– MBA Job Seeker

“Thanks for putting this event together. Some good information was gathered and it helps to have a friendly audience in what may feel like an “unfriendly” process (job search). We all learned from each other as well as the Job Forum advisors from San Francisco Companies”
– Accounting Manager