Exploring The Professional Summary

As a professional résumé writer, I am always happy to offer advice and support to job seekers who are working to write a résumé that will be impactful and catch attention in today’s competitive job market.  One of the questions that I…

You Are Welcome to Volunteer with The Job Forum

The Job Forum welcomes you to volunteer with The Job Forum. This is a unique nonprofit group that has been offering job search advice and support to those who need and want to work for 70 years here in the SF Bay Area. Our volunteer members…

Are you sick of answering the strengths and weakness questions during an interview?

As a recruiter I am tired of asking those questions because most of the time the answers are not really truthful, or the interviewee will tell me what they think I want to hear.   The Interview process is fundamentally about getting…

Job Forum Youth Program: Workforce the Future – Tips and ideas from Good professions for Young People to Consider

At a recent Job Forum event to help young students consider opportunities to pursue for their future professions, The Job Forum talked in depth with a biotech executive, a finance company partner and a staffing and HR search professional, two…

The Job Forum’s “Workforce of the Future” Workshop Series for Young Career & Job Searchers

Many, if not most, young people are undecided about what kind of work, or careers, they want to pursue, or how to prepare for an effective job search.   With funding assistance from The Miranda Lux Foundation and in partnership with…

How To Manage Your Career with the Help of The Job Forum

Diana Orantes is a Senior District manager in group health specialist at ADP. Her goal is to help small business owners find a great solution for their human resource, payroll and health benefit needs. Something impressive about Diana…

Job hunter becomes Job Forum volunteer

Job hunter becomes Job Forum volunteer   Do you ever wonder where the volunteers at the Job Forum come from? Please meet Smita Nair and read her fascinating story. She tells about going from a Job Hunter to Job Forum volunteer.   Software…

How We Discovered the Fascinating 70 year History of The Job Forum and Our Founder

How we Discovered the Fascinating 70 year History of The Job Forum and our founder   From Holocaust Roots to the Bay Area to help job hunters   I’m Janet Beach. Since 1980 I have been a Job Forum volunteer, helping unemployed…

Get Hired

By Cindy Fassler Career Coach and Executive Recruiter           Need a job in the last quarter? You are not alone.   It’s common for companies to plan to hire at the end of the year. Some look to fill open jobs…

How a Job Forum Intern Moved from High School to Confidently Finding His Own Career Choice

Zach Tang began volunteering with The Job Forum in his sophomore year of high school when he was only 16 years old. He came to The Job Forum via the SF police department “Future Grads” program.   The Job Forum launched a new program…

History As It Happened – How It Is Still Relevant Today at The Job Forum

History As It Happened - How It Is Still Relevant Today at The Job Forum   Robert Ronald, Job Forum founder, passed away, surrounded by family, on May 14, 2022, at the University Retirement Community in Davis, CA where he lived with…

Job Hunter Success Story

It is a great pleasure to share Mansi Gandhi’s success story as a job hunter and volunteer. I had the opportunity to work with Mansi on several occasions while she was a volunteer with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Job Forums Administrative…

Is Tech the Right Career for You?

At an event hosted by The Job Forum, professionals interested in working in the Bay Area Tech Industry had an opportunity to meet and talk directly with hiring managers and recruiters working within Tech companies. Tech company managers were…

Don’t Overlook Government Jobs In The SF Bay Area

Job hunters, we recommend you don’t overlook the wide range of good jobs and satisfying career opportunities at the Cities and Counties around the SF Bay Area region.   If you’re looking for a job in San Francisco, one great place…

What Do Job Hunter’s Say The Job Forum Is Really Like?

What Do Job Hunter’s Say The Job Forum is REALLY Like?   We had a chance to talk to several job hunters the other day to find out what was helpful to them in coming to The Job Forum. Naturally job hunters want to know what can one…

Jobs In Marketing & Advertising

At The Job Forum career fair co-hosted with the American Marketing Association (AMA SF), job hunters had the chance to hear about new opportunities and advice for next steps in job search.   For advertising jobs, are there recruiters…

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

We recently asked JP Morgan Chase to share some detail about a career path and job role that may be of interest to those who enjoy delivering exceptional customer experience and want workdays that are spent actually helping customers. This is…

Early-Year Job Hunter: The Numbers Are Working For You – Not Against You!

When you begin a job hunt, you always have questions: How likely are you to get hired? Are there enough jobs in your profession? Are there openings at the companies where you want to work?   The unemployment rate climbed…

Are You Over 40 and Looking for a Job?

The Job Forum has volunteers from over 100 companies and organizations who volunteer to help job hunters. You can sign up and get helpful input and referrals. The Job Forum helps experienced as well as new job hunters and shares practical tips…

Advice for Product Marketing & Working At Facebook (Meta)

Marketing and advertising professionals had a great opportunity to meet and talk directly with hiring companies at The Job Forum career fair co-hosted with the American Marketing Association (AMA SF)   The Job Forum has advice you…

Career Success Story – Paige

Paige has had a wonderful success after switching her career after being laid off. She wants other job hunters to benefit from what she learned along the path to her new, more technical and exciting job and career. Paige says she hopes…

Working in Advertising Agencies – Media

Marketing and advertising professionals had a great opportunity to meet and talk directly with hiring companies at The Job Forum career fair co-hosted with the American Marketing Association (AMA SF). One topic covered was advertising agency…

The Job Forum 2021 Year

by Janet Beach We are so happy when job hunters who come to The Job Forum make that crucial connection with a local business manager or get an insight - ah ha moment - for how their job search could go faster and be more productive, or get…
the job forum success story showing job hunter who found a great job at ucsf

The Job Forum’s – Job Hunter success story

Job search success story, it's very inspiring.

Applicant Tracking Systems–Building a resume to meet the challenge!

What do you need to do to beat the ATS? Well, there are a number of things you’ll want to consider.

Top 6 Tips from The Job Forum to Help You Ace Your Next Interview

Interviews are your chance to make a good impression with the company you want to work for.

Career Success Story

Here is a wonderful job search success story from a job seeker who benefited by attending The Job Forum career event. It takes several steps but leads to success!

Take Charge Of Your Career

Managing your career is a process that includes research, self-assessment and developing an action plan in search of a professional career and fulfilling work in a good healthy organization.

Video Interviews are here to stay!

Video interviews are here to stay so jump on the bandwagon and embrace the inevitable!

Successful Career Transition

The job search process can be long and frustrating but it's important to remember that good things take time. Successful Career Transition Story

How do you negotiate your salary after receiving a job offer?

It is every new hire’s right to discuss and negotiate salary. You just need the right steps to be successful at it. Here we cover tips to confidently negotiate your salary and get a better offer


If you enjoy a sense of community, want your work to matter and like making the world a better place, then you might be a great fit for a nonprofit organization.

Tell Me About Yourself – How to Interview to Standout

We know, it's almost inevitable that the interviewer is going to say, “Tell me about yourself” and this question is a great opportunity to spotlight the skills and experience that make you the ideal candidate for a job. Learn more here.

30 Second Video Resume

Making a video resume is an exciting way for others to connect with you and for you to have a more proactive job-seeking experience.

A Career in Non-Profit Organization

When you know you want your daily work to have meaning and make a positive impact on others; then a career in the nonprofit sector just might be for you.

Exploring Career in Immersive Technology

We live in an astounding time for technology. Several innovations are perched to change the world as we know it forever, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and of course, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Headed for Career in Tech Industries?

The explosive job growth of the information technology industry began just about two decades ago, and it has barely slowed down since. So you’re about to launch a job search – but you’re not sure where to begin? Learn tips here..

The Power of Positive Thinking for Your Career

A positive and optimistic attitude is very powerful and can have an amazing impact on a job search. If you are looking to advance your career, you will definitely want to consider the power of positive thinking.