Job Forum Volunteer Management

Janet Beach, Executive Director & Chairman

Janet serves the Job Forum in the role of our non-profit Executive Director. She is the volunteer who provides the strategic management, policy decision-making, annual and long-term planning, financial and operational oversight of the Job Forum. She also handles the approximately 50 Job Forum events for weekly Wed. Job Forum plus other panelist volunteer–focused events, supervises the weekly sign up schedule and keeps up connections with our volunteers, develops and hosts the annual meeting, manages the marketing, the web presence and outreach, and manages recruitment of new volunteer panelists. She also manages relations and interface with our sponsor, the SF Chamber of Commerce.

Roger Brooks, Job Forum Vice Chairman

Roger leads The Job Forum’s Workforce of the Future program for job readiness for young people. He backs up The Job Forum with leadership oversight as needed and particularly, with contributions to our efforts to explore new forms of outreach and our ongoing satisfaction surveys.

Tom Toy, Chairperson, Job Forum Board of Advisors

Startup Capital Ventures, Managing Director, an early stage venture capital firm, investing in diverse Technology, Healthcare and Clean tech start-ups and has been a Board Member at private companies, including Health Crowd and Phizzle.

Bill Davidovich, Member Job Forum Board of Advisors

Human Resources Executive, recently retired, in 2023, from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Laura Haggerty, Member Job Forum Board of Advisors

Business leader IT, Communications and Change Management, former Visa Executive.

Marc Gallo, Member Job Forum Board of Advisors

Full time consultant to PwC, retired PwC Partner, and has been a board member of Opportunity Junction, Knights of Columbus, Capax World and St John Vianey church and an advisor in the mentoring programs for veterans with PwC and America Corporate Partners

Bill Murphy, Member Job Forum Board of Advisors

Dillingham and Murphy, Founding Partner 1982, Managing Partner of mid-size San Francisco Law firm and volunteer mediator for the U.S. District Court’s Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) program

Brenda Rogers, Member Job Forum Board of Advisors

Fractional CHRO for Silicon Valley life science and technology companies and Board Member at Bay Area Human Resources Executives Council (A CA chapter of SHRM, Society for Human Resource Managers).

Chau Mai, Member Job Forum Board of Advisors

A results-driven and relationship-focused Marketing leader currently at Google, where she is Senior Marketing Manager, for CXO (customer experience) Campaigns and Events.

Bill Pollak, Director Of Special Events

Bill spearheads and helps develop special events to help Job Hunters and build awareness. These include industry-focused events, joint sponsored events, “University Nights at the Job Forum” where we work with university alumni or career groups to offer a job search event. The Job Forum and an organization co-host an event, providing an exciting evening of networking, career advice. We provide turn-key career events to organizations, associations, businesses who partner with us to offer a special Job Forum branded for their group. (Please contact Bill Pollak at or fill out the volunteer form below if you are interested in co-hosting an event with the Job Forum.) Non-profits or industry associations are welcome to sponsor a career event along with the Job Forum.

Penni Hudis, Job Forum Director of Fundraising

Penni helps to attract the financial and sponsorship support necessary for our Job Forum community service efforts to continue. She is providing the necessary vision, leadership, and fundraising skills that will enable the organization to achieve its fundraising targets and embark on more regular advertising and a needed organizational development program.

Christina Sahagun, Tina Choi, Kathy Mark and Anurag Jain,
Co-Directors of Panelist Recruitment and Onboarding

Christina, Tina, Kathy and Anu help to interview, screen, train and welcome new panelist volunteers. (Please fill out the Job Forum Volunteer Form if you are interested in volunteering with the Job Forum) They are assisted by other Job Forum volunteers, who help us to identify great additional talent from SF Bay Area businesses and non profits who may want to join us as members of the Job Forum panel.

Don Siler, Manager of Outreach and Networking

Don helps us by spearheading efforts to network on behalf of  The Job Forum and keeps us aware of individuals to meet and opportunities to collaborate around the SF Bay Area.

Kathy Mark, Special Projects Manager

Kathy contributes to the special initiatives of The Job Forum both by participating and contributing in leadership roles at our events and by contributing “behind the scenes” in a wide variety of valuable ways and on projects.

Jason Slamovich, Job Forum Social Media Volunteer

Jason is a social media and content writing professional with skills in email marketing, blog composition, community engagement, and digital marketing. With 6+ years in the Bay Area technology sector, his industry knowledge is very diverse. Jason is excited to bring his positive energy into many facets of the The Job Forum scope. Outside of work he can found paddle boarding, downhill skiing, or baking delicious banana bread!

Aiden Kelly, Job Forum Program Advisor, “Workforce of the Future”

Aidan Kelly is a Program Advisor to the Job Forum’s Workforce of the Future Youth Program. In this capacity he provides input, helps with outreach, and advises to The Job Forum about the vocational jobs and careers youth programs. Aidan is a citizen of San Francisco, a Political Science major in college and plans to work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Job Forum “Workforce of the Future” Program Advisory Panel

The advisory panel provides input, ideas for topics about careers or vocations, and helps with outreach to students in order for them to benefit by attending the tailored sessions of The Job Forum  “Workforce of the Future “program.

Samantha L. is a student at Hillsdale High School where she is involved in her school theater program, Dungeons and Dragons Club and is the assistant manager of the Boys Tennis team. She is interested in exploring potential careers in Biology and Literature. She is passionate about reading and writing.  She also enjoys drawing and playing Genshin Impact in her free time.

Chloe L. is a student at Design Tech High School, sponsored by Oracle, which is a public charter school combining academic content with creative problem solving. She is involved in the school’s community service club, volleyball, soccer, and track team.  She envisions exploring career options in Biology and Entrepreneurship.

Nancy Longo, Communications and Job Forum Video Producer

Nancy Longo envisions, plans, shoots, develops, and keeps current the video marketing for The Job Forum. She assists with marketing and social media ideas. Nancy regularly interviews job hunters and Job Forum panel members to share and communicate the benefits of The Job Forum program.

Roger Brooks, Laura Haggerty, Arthur Young, and Bill Pollak, members of the Job Forum Marketing Committee

This group works to identify marketing outreach programs to build awareness about The Job Forum and our programs which offer job search advice, skills training and coaching, job search strategy ideas for each job hunter and provide networking and referral opportunities via the volunteers from business and nonprofits who volunteer their time to help job hunters. The marketing committee provides input during the year, working with Janet beach and Arik Warren

Arik Warren, Job Forum Executive Assistant

Arik supports and assists Janet Beach, the Chairman, and The Job Forum in organizing the approximately 170 Job Forum events per year. He works behind the scenes doing administrative work for our organization, increasing awareness of The Job Forum,  communicating with all volunteers and levels of management, facilitating our free Wednesday Job Forum meetings and Thursday special events, handling the regular listing of the Job Forum in various online community listings: Eventbrite, MeetUp, SF Business Times, SF Chamber of Commerce, Monster, and much more.