Mission, Vision and Values of The Job Forum

The Job Forum: Helping people find their next great job

Mission, Vision, Values of The Job Forum


The Job Forum mission is to provide professional, valuable, job search networking contacts, coaching and career support for those “out of work” business and non-profit workers, who are looking for a job here in San Francisco or in the greater SF Bay Area.

The Job Forum is a volunteer organization that provides job hunters the hiring manager insider company viewpoint which is much sought after for its practical help for job hunters and has been demonstrated to give extra value to job hunters.

At The Job Forum we provide training in effective job search skills, concrete advice, connections, and encouragement at a time of isolation, discouragement and often overwhelming challenges. We provide all of this in free or low cost sessions organized and created and delivered by volunteers from Bay Area companies who know what it takes to be hired.

We contribute to a positive Bay Area business economy and build a network for people in the SF Bay Area business and non-profit communities. We help businesses find great candidates and we connect candidates to great companies or organizations they may not be considering.


We want to assist job seekers and facilitate a faster return to work, via a more effective productive job search process. We envision making the modern job search much less complicated and opaque and we advise job hunters how to better navigate.


All job hunters are welcome. Our volunteers are generous and kind and take their time to help others.