Good knowledge and discussions with a diverse range of ideas/perspectives for our consideration. There were great follow-up suggestions with concrete next step ideas. Excellent help with resources and LinkedIn.

Really constructive and productive advice. Lots to think about and look into applying to restructuring my resume.

The feedback was great. I received a lot of feedback on my resume and it was good to meet all of the fellow colleagues. I feel energized to “get going”!

A good experience in hearing no-nonsense advice for job seekers in different phases of their education or job search. The panel knows so much for all stages of work and all careers. What a great unique resources for middle managers or aspiring middle managers.

I want to tell others to come to the Job Forum because it is amazingly helpful and the information is customized for each attendee.

I heard that the Job Forum is a great Chamber of Commerce resource! I went for local information because I just moved to the Bay Area. It was just what I needed and I heard from them about companies and groups I did not know about before.

“Thank you for taking the time to talk to us each individually and give us personal advice based on our needs. This really helps since my job title means different things in different business domains.”
– Program Manager

“Really helpful forum, thanks so much! How do you know so much for each person looking for such different jobs?”
– PR Supervisor

“Really helpful! Your advice is super. I think it would be super helpful to ask us to do a 5-minute “break the ice 1-1 introduction and elevator pitch. I love the Job Forum! Thank you.”
– Recent College Graduate

“It is very useful to hear ideas and tips for people at the Job Forum who come from all walks of life — newcomers from Europe; senior executives, recent college grads; career changers, part timers; everyone, including high tech people, get really useful information to help them get the job.”
– VP High Technology

“Greatly appreciate the Job Forum volunteer’s time It was helpful to get the perspective of an HR person on many common job hunt tasks – resumes, informational interviews, etc. Great networking opportunities”
– Finance Manager

“Good ideas and suggestions from the Job Forum facilitators. I understand why it’s important to listen to everyone’s story and ideas. Many good questions were asked by others that also apply to my job search”
– Contractor

“Advice about local networks. Great advice about strategies in job search. Great ideas for where and how to be more successful in the job search by meeting more people, not just sending resumes”
– Manager, new to SF Bay Area

“My confidence has suffered with this lay-off but you offered inspiration and really good ideas. I can see how you have helped many others as well. Thanks so much for your time and excellent advice.”
– Marketing Manager

“Thank you for spending so much time discussing my resume and how to effectively apply for jobs – very helpful! I see clearly how to reshape my resume and LinkedIn now to become employed sooner!”
– Recent College Graduate

“I had a really great time! The job Forum Panelists are very helpful and feedback is all useful! Having feedback from different perspectives is helpful too. Very valuable!”
– MBA Job Seeker

“The Job Forum gave us direct constructive insight/ideas. I am looking forward to doing my homework and making some more progress in the future”
– Marketing Manager

“10/10! Personalized the experience per applicant. Gave the facts and walked step-by-step through the process. Developed one-by-one focuses for participants. What an impressive service!”
– Finance Manager

“Thanks for putting this event together. Some good information was gathered and it helps to have a friendly audience in what may feel like an “unfriendly” process (job search). We all learned from each other as well as the Job Forum advisors from San Francisco Companies”
– Accounting Manager

“Helpful, useful, supportive, practical and effective! More useful than my university’s career services and they were fairly good too!”
– MBA Job Seeker

“I think the Job Forum is providing more than out-placement counselors provide and doing it in a more practical, more actionable and kinder way”
– Finance Manager

“Great insight! Given the current climate of the economy and job market, my outlook can take a dive and take my confidence along with it. I got useful insight and help setting up priorities to follow!”
– Brand Markerting Manager

“Thanks for your help! Very professional and positive. Appreciated your thoughtfulness. Supportive help for how to explain gaps in employment and my specialty”
– Returning to the Bay Area after living overseas

“Incredibly useful insight into how to close job offers. Thank you. I thought this meeting was extremely supportive and I’m so glad I drove up from Mountain View for this valuable “just in time” advice. I really needed it and will follow it. Thank you so much”
– Biotech Manager

“I’m so glad I attended tonight because of the very helpful advice. The Job Forum Panelists were knowledgeable, honest, and encouraging. Thank you so much. I’m glad we also had a discussion to discuss and understand the software that HR departments now use”
– Non-Profit Manager looking for sales or customer success job

“All of the information was very helpful. I have been trying to figure out job seeking by myself, but this Job Forum made it clear what I should do next. I have next steps! Thank you very much!”
– Recent College Graduate

“Excellent personalized feedback. It is so nice to have a small group opportunity for custom help for my job search. These are experienced panelists who know so much.”
– Senior Product Manager

“Great event! Business panelist career consultants were really helpful in suggesting to us the right attitudes and strategies to deploy for different industries in the Bay Area! What an opportunity!”
– Graduate Student

“The advice from the professional panel is so helpful. I’m looking forward to the next meetings on Wed. and will come back again after I try to follow the first set of your suggestions”
– Accounts Payable Manager

“Helpful advice and so good and encouraging and useful to hear other people’s stories. I appreciate the phone call which the head of the Job Forum made to me to encourage me to come back and get some more advice. Thank you”
– IT Manager

“Awesome is what comes to my mind when I was offered the chance to give feedback. This was my first ever experience with the Job Forum and it was mind-blowing. All my questions got answered and to hear the one-to-one conversation for each job hunter is extremely helpful because some of them raised questions I also had, but l did not know how to separate out and ask. I made five new business contacts in just one meeting; you can’t beat that!”
– Finance and Accounting Manager

“The Job Forum insight, guidance and advice I gathered was very enriching and I am confident that it will open more doors for me in the near future – I can’t thank The Job Forum enough for these weekly sessions. I will be a regular!”
– International Business School Student

“Really appreciated an external point of view and learning about other people’s experiences. Useful to meet people at different stages of their careers all needing support! And all getting practical suggestions from the Job Forum”
– Mid Level Manager – Financial Services