Why the Job Forum

What to expect at the Job Forum

In this meeting, it is normal to be unsure and have questions and you will get some real answers and help. It is a meeting where you can open up with other job seekers and local business managers, who are also job market experts, to talk over your job search goals and get practical advice for what to focus on to get closer to getting hired.

The Job Forum helps you sort through all the conflicting information about what you’re “supposed to do” and helps you to focus on what may really help you get considered and then hired for the kinds of jobs you have in mind for your career next step.

The Job Forum is sponsored by the SF Chamber of Commerce, and run entirely by volunteers who are local business managers and career coaches. We wish to help others be more successful in finding their next job. Join us for some validation on your job search efforts so far, or get some more help refocusing for increased probability of success in your job search!

We look forward to seeing you soon at The Job Forum. Check us out on our Meet Up group too.

See you at a Wed meeting soon!