Workforce of The Future

The Job Forum has expanded, since 2022, by offering career guidance and job search skills to two age groups of young people in a program called Workforce of the Future. This is a relatively new initiative supported by a grant from the Miranda Lux Foundation who fosters vocational programs and training for the young. The program and number of special job seeker sessions has been expanded since we started it in 2022 and has been honed based on research The Job Forum conducted with young people in two groups:

15-18 high school students

For teen job hunters, The Job Forum goal is to assist them to better understand career vocational alternatives, including opening their awareness to careers and jobs they may be unaware of, and compare the desirability of all of their alternatives. Some of these alternatives may not require a four-year college education. Teens often have little access to learn about newer growing job categories from teachers who have had one type of job (teaching) or parents who have had one or two kinds of jobs or work in traditional job categories.

18- 25 college and early career

For those 18 and above, we include special sessions on how to actually conduct career research and how to contact adults for informational interviewing and how to build resumes, write effective cover letters and create Linkedin profiles.

The Job Forum’s objective is to create specific content and reach out to young people and to create awareness of the availability of the Job Forum’s customized free programs, created especially for them, which are delivered by The Job Forum’s all-volunteer panelists.

The Job Forum content not only informs teens about career alternatives and describes various professions and job titles, but also provides access to managers in the SF Bay Area who work in a wide range of fields and are there to advise and provide practical answers to questions, assistance with resumes, job applications and interview techniques, and provide information on where different jobs may be found and advise young people how to gain access to interviews and ultimately prepare for work.

Note: Young people are welcome to attend all Job Forum sessions,
not only Workforce of the Future sessions.

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